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September Updates 2020

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Our store has returned to its regular opening times

with appropriate safety measures in place. 

On occasion this may very - depending on the fluctuating

nature of the current situation.


Over the past weeks, we have been devoting greater time 

to giving our website some much needed maintenance -

expanding our listings and we will continue to do this.

You can no doubt appreciate that the work involved takes some time

so some items you might see in our social media posts

may not yet be added.

If there is anything you see which isn't currently listed,

feel free to contact us at

(including a paypal email makes it simpler!)

and we will be happy to set you up a special order!

As we have updated a lot of our older listings and our shipping rates

there may be the odd occasion where the shipping costs

applied are incorrect.

Should this happen, we aim to put it right as soon as possible.

If you spot anything obvious - please let us know.